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Precision components are forged by using various metal hot-forming techniques . These production machines and technologies are cutting edge, guaranteeing optimum, lasting quality with economic and ecological advantages. These advantages are then passed onto our customers as a competitive edge.


  • Forged/rolled rings suitable for bearings, gears for automobile parts, and flanges and bushes used in many different applications.

  • 5 station Gear Blank Upset Forging.

  • Induction Bar heater ensures fast and controlled heat with small temperature gradient between the core and surface.

  • Heat Treatment Furnaces (annealing and normalizing furnaces).

  • Shot blasting Machine & Integrated CNC Machine Shop with well equipped calibrated measuring instruments.

  • Sizing press used for strict dimensional tolerances.


  • 300 MT, 250 MT, 50 MT and 100 MT, producing rings from 15mm ID to 80mm OD of tapered and cylindrical shape and Gear blank of 20mm ID to 150mm OD.

  • We can supply forged items up to 70lbs.